Sydney shines as our favourite city.

Here’s why – Sydney is clean, Sydney is uncrowded, Sydney is hassle free. There’s great shopping, awesome bars, cafes, restaurants and eateries, pristine beaches, friendly people, loads of parks and space, peace and order. Sydney is where I grew up and I love it.

The City of Sydney includes the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Botanical Gardens, The Domain, the Royal Botanic Gardens and Darling Harbour. Interlinking all of these beautiful sights and the whole of Sydney is Sydney Harbour – one of the world’s largest and most beautiful natural harbours.

We strongly recommend that you take some time to explore Sydney Harbour by Tour or Ferry. There is an enormous number and variety of beautiful places and interesting things to do on offer, so take some time and enjoy it.

The Chinese Garden of Friendship and Hyde Park are also located within the City of Sydney and are an easy walk from all CBD hotels.

Sydney is the financial, manufacturing and economic hub of Australia. Sydney has grown to become a wealthy and prosperous city and its residents enjoy the world’s second highest earnings when measured using domestic purchasing power, among world cities. Sydney also provides approximately 25 percent of Australia’s total GDP, and accounts for 20% of Australia’s population.

Sydney is one of the most multicultural societies in the world, with 200 different languages spoken at home and over a quarter of our citizens were born overseas. In the 2006 census recorded that 39.6% of Sydney residents were born overseas.

Asian Australians made up 18.8% of the population in Sydney’s Urban Centre and the three major sources of immigrants are the United Kingdom, China and New Zealand, followed by Vietnam, Lebanon, India, Italy, and the Philippines.

With all these cultures sharing one great city in a land of bounty there is one thing you can be sure of – a full and satisfied dining experience in “Restaurant Australia.” Enjoy.