All our standard tours are via the Sea Cliff Bridge

The Sea Cliff Bridge is a 665m long balanced cantilever bridge with a 3 metre wide pedestrian walkway/cycleway located just south of the Royal National Park and forms part of the Grand Pacific Drive. Featuring two lanes of traffic, a cycleway and a walkway, the Sea Cliff Bridge boasts spectacular views and is one of only seven off-shore parallel to coast bridges in the world, and probably the only one with its very own webcam

The previous section of road, near where the Sea Cliff Bridge is located, was notorious for rock falls, embankment slips and mud and rock slides. The old road had been carved into the cliff, so rocks would fall directly onto the road. In 2002 I was driving back home to Stanwell Park from Wollongong and watched a large rock drop right in front of my car. Gulp! In August 2003, a significant rock fall called for a complete road closure.

The new road “Sea Cliff Bridge”, took two years and $52 million AUD to build. The sea cliff bridge was opened on December 11, 2005, to worldwide awards and acclaim. It now features in many international advertising campaigns, including one for Ferrari.

All our standard tours are via the Sea Cliff Bridge for photos, cliff and sea-gazing and (time permitting) you may walk it’s entire length.