Whitest sand in the world and beautiful clear turquoise waters

Jervis Bay is the most naturally stunning place you will find anywhere in the world. Jervis Bay is huge – 102 square kilometres in size – about 15 km from north to south and 10 km across, with over six times the volume of Sydney Harbour.

Jervis Bay is a Marine Park with soaring 120 metre sea cliffs at its entrance. Surrounding the bay is untouched bush and National Park that is teeming with native Australian wildlife – kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, wombats, and many rare bird and animal species.

But it is the under water world that will leave you speechless. Jervis Bay has the whitest sand in the world and beautiful clear turquoise waters that support a diverse and plentiful marine environment. Resident dolphins, fur seals, penguins and a plethora of resident and migrating fish and whales choose to call Jervis Bay home for some or all of the year. In the months of May to November, it has become the most reliable and the most beautiful place to watch the mighty Humpback Whales migrate up and down the coastline.

Jervis Bay is a place that everyone should visit at least once. Chances are that just like us – you’ll be back again and again.